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  • Rocky Mountain Creek

    After a few days down bouldering on the tablelands near Bishop, I made an impromptu decision to take a day off and head up into the hills for an overnight trip. When I asked the Info center lady where was good to go hiking around here, she said "just pick a valley and start walking"... so i did, and headed up to Rocky Creek Canyon for the free campsite : )

    I'm always amazed by mountains in the US, and this trip was no exception - the air is cold, thinner and lightly pine scented, and the landscape is totally different to anything back in New Zealand. I spent an evening wandering up the valley completely blown away by the vistas of rocky spires, ancient pine forests and alpine lakes bordered in lush reeds and teeming with trout.

    After a good nights sleep in the cool mountain air (only woken by a pack of mice using my tent fly as a slippin slide!?) I decided to hike up to one of the alpine passes, up around 11,500 feet (3500m). The shot above was from the saddle, looking back down into the valley I'd just climbed from. Not a great 'rest' day, but an awesome experience.