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  • Last Day in Paradise

    Ill never forget the first images of Rocklands I saw in a climbing film many years ago: these lines of chalked holds up surreal orange boulders, streaked with black and set in a vast landscape of rocky spires and seemingly infinite boulder fields. When I asked climbers about the place they would refer to it with a kind of sacred reverence, recalling problems with names that hinted at some deep attachment to the place: 'Last Day in Paradise' and 'Tomorrow I will be gone' among many others.

    Now, as im leaving Rocklands after 5 weeks here, I can empathize with those climbers and first ascentionists... Its quite possibly the best bouldering in the world, centered in a landscape that cannot fail to inspire, and for a narrow seasonal window it becomes an amphitheatre for climbers from all cultures and countries to come together and sharing their common passion.

    This was my last shot from an evening session up above the campground... A warm, almost tropical evening with stormy cumulus drifting by, while a climber works the huge moves on El Corazon 8b - 'The Heart'.