In 2013 I was responsible for turning Image Engine's animation model for Chappie into a series of physical props for human interaction shots which called for ragdoll joints, quick release components and functional electronics parts.  

I oversaw the complete remodelling of the droid into practical and manufacturable parts while working closely with Image Engine to ensure our physical models would look and move like their animated counterparts.  The resulting 200+ parts making up a complete droid were 3d printed, molded, cast and assembled around a laser cut aluminium chassis. The complex range of motion was acheived through  38 pivot joints and two ball joints in the shoulders, providing a convicing ragdoll effect in-camera.

The build was further complicated by the damage states Chappie goes through in the film, each requiring unique parts and tracking of phases.

The images on display are from the public domain, but show the physical props made by Weta, alongside the digital versions they replicated.